Government Survey 2021

Make Your Voice Heard:

Government Survey for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Abuse Including Men!

The Home Office has asked the charity to help ensure the voices of male victims are heard and their experiences captured as part of a national survey.

This survey is regarding a review of their Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, which all victims of crimes such as domestic abuse, sexual violence, forced marriage, “so-called” honour-based violence and stalking fall under. This does include male victims of domestic abuse!

Despite, the name of the survey and the language throughout, it therefore does apply to men who have suffered or are suffering from domestic abuse. It is a vital opportunity to ensure your voice is heard and your experience is captured. This is to help the Government in making decisions to support male victims and understand the challenges they face.

Separately, the charity has argued (and is arguing) that there should be a separate and parallel strategy focusing on men and boys.

To fill in the survey, please following this link to the public survey:

If you have any feedback or observations about the survey, please email 

Closing Date: Friday 19 February 2021

Thank you