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45 Key Facts and Statistics on Male Victims of Domestic Abuse (March 2019) new

Police reporting figures (2012-2017) new (male and female victims of domestic abuse)

Convictions for Domestic Abuse – (2004/05 to 2016/17)new

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare’s Law) – male victims – new

Intimate (ex) Partner Homicides: Men (to 2015/16)

Media coverage of male victims

Media Coverage (2007 – 2018)

Other statistical sites or research

Dr Elizabeth Bates: Hidden Victims and 20 Voices video

Dr Siobhan Weare: Forced to Penetrate

Dewar 4 Research:

Office for National Statistics: Focus on violent crime and sexual offences, England and Wales: year ending Mar 2016 (published on 9 February 2017) and  (published 8 Febraury 2018) for year ending Mar 2017 

Dr Brian Dempsey (Abused Men in Scotland): Men’s Experience of Domestic Abuse in Scotland

Daryll Sweet (Men’s Advisory Project Northern Ireland – MAPNI): Towards Gender Equality.

Dr Ben Hine: Invisible Men

Dr Elizabeth Bates: Testing Predictions

Dr Jesscia McCarrick: New Voices: The ‘Minority’ Man?

William Collins: Domestic Abuse and the Family Courts

Safe Lives:

Springer Hub: Partner Abuse Summary of 70+ Studies

Abby James: Examining Issues Surrounding Public Attitudes and Awareness in Relation to Domestic Violence Against Males

Michelle Wells: It’s deemed unmanly’: men’s experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV)

Marie Hunter: Female Perpetrated Domestic Abuse

Laura Geall: The Underepresentation of male victims

Khawaja Akbar: Law and the Male Victim of Domestic Violence (Khawaja Akbar)

Lydia Stoneman: The Current Social Issue of Stigmatisation towards Male Victims of Intimate Partner

Zoe Garratt: Domestic Violence Against Men – Is it a Forgotten Crime?

Dr Simon Josolyne: Men’s experiences of violence and abuse from a female intimate partner:

Katie Lambert: Broken Men Break The Silence

Christopher Stephenson: Fathers’ Experiences of Domestic Violence

Suzanne Baines: Criminal Justice Response to Male Victims

Mark Brooks: The Seven Challenges Male Victims Face


35 Key Facts – Male Victims of Domestic Abuse – new

Number of male victims of domestic abuse reporting to England and Wales police forces (2012-2016) – old

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (February 2017) – old

Convictions of Domestic Violence perpetrators (2004-2016) – old

Number of domestic abuse victims reporting to the police (2012 to 2015)old

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (Nov 2016)old

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (Sep 2016) – old

30 Key Facts – Male Victims (Mar 2016) – old

Convictions of Domestic Violence perpetrators (2004 -2014) – old

Police Force Domestic Abuse Reporting (2012 to 2015) – excel old

Clare’s Law –old

Clare’s Law (Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme)old

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare’s Law)old