Pattern Changing Courses for Male Survivors (2021/22)

We have been awarded funding by six Police and Crime Commissioners across the UK to provide pattern changing courses for male survivors of domestic abuse.

These 9 week online group sessions are designed for me that are no longer in an abusive relationship and want to rebuild their lives.

Our team working with them to recognise abuse, make sense of their experiences, help them understand the impact of domestic abuse upon their children (if they have children), and to move towards healthy and respectful relationships in the future.

We welcome both self-referrals and referrals by agencies, and practitioners. These include such as a local domestic abuse service, the police, social housing providers, GPs or counsellors.

Eligibility Criteria (Geography)

These are available for residents from the following Police force areas as funded by their Police and Crime Commissioners.

If you are unsure what Police and Crime Commissioner area you live in, please enter your details on this website.

If you are a man who feels they need this support but do not live in these areas, please call our helpline on 01823 334244 and we can see if there is similar support available in your area.

Eligibiity Criteria (Survivors)

These courses are only available to male survivors of domestic abuse who are no longer in relationship and living away from perpetrator.

If you have made a self referral or have been referred by a practitioner (such as a local domestic abuse service, the police, social housing providers, GPs or counsellors), you will be assessed by a qualified Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) to decide on your suitability.

Place Numbers (in brackets) and Start Dates

Places are limited with between 10 places only available for five police areas and 20 in Thames Valley.

  • Avon and Somerset (10) – September 2021
  • Durham (10) – October 2021
  • Kent (10) – January 2022
  • Thames Valley (20) – October 2021 and March 2022
  • West Yorkshire Combined Authority (10) – January 2022
  • Wiltshire (10) – March 2022

If there is no spaces available in these areas because they are full, we will place you on a waiting list and hope that more funding becomes available..

Referral Process

The referral process for these male survivor pattern changing courses are:

Survivors: Email or by calling 01823 334229

Practitioner/Agencies: Referrals by a practitioner or an agency are based on completing a Referral Form (please email  or call 01823 334229)  and DASH RIC  Assessment emailing both to


Feedback from those who have taken part on our previous Pattern Changing Course include:

“The presentation is clear and concise with interesting video segments to help convey the message of each session in a way immediately understandable and memorable. The person running the course is very affable and does a good job helping myself and others feel at ease and that we’re in a safe environment where we can relax and discuss our past abuse without judgement.” 

“I have found my time on the course very rewarding and validating. Having been through what I have, it is the best of feelings to know there is a chance of a change, and that hopefully in time both victims and society generally will have a different understanding of male victims of abuse and how and where they are abused.” 

“It was a breath of fresh air to finally feel like I was being listened to and that I had a voice. I was spoken to and treated in a friendly reassuring manner. “

“I would recommend anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to that which I was in, to approach Mankind. As a serviceman, it is all too easy to ‘slope shoulders’ and ‘crack on’, but if you are a victim of DA then the sooner you find help the better and Mankind specialising in male victims, means that they are easily approachable and are able to support far better.”