Public Policy and Campaigns

A key part of the work that the charity engages in is to ensure male victims of domestic abuse and domestic violence are treated the same as female victims rightly are.

Part of this work includes responding to consultations, writing letters and taking part in wider campaigns. Research and Statistics can be found in this section.

Our policy statement on a range of issues such as a why domestic abuse is not a gendered crime, a gender inclusive approach to domestic abuse and to domestic abuse commissioning and the need for a Ending Intimate Violence Against Men and Boys strategy can be found in this Position Statement .

Our award-winning video #violenceisviolence can be found here and media coverage of male victims can be found here.

The groundbreaking documentary “Real Men Do Cry” can be found here.

Please click on the paper you would like to read. (Many include the responses received.)

Public Policy, Briefings and Consultation Responses

(for letters, campaigns and complaints – see section further below) 

July 2019: ManKind Initiative Consultation Response: Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government – Support for Victims of Domestic Abuse in Safe Accommodation

June 2019: House of Lords Briefing: Domestic Abuse Debate (6 June 2019)

May 2019: House of Parliament Joint Committee on the Domestic Abuse Bill – Further Submission on behalf of Male Victims of Domestic Abuse (covering male victims in heterosexual and same-sex relationships)

April 2019: House of Parliament Joint Committee on the Domestic Abuse Bill – Submission on behalf of Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

April 2019: Dr Elizabeth Bates’ Submission – House of Parliament Joint Committee on the Domestic Abuse Bill– Submission on behalf of Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

February 2019: House of Parliament Human Rights Inquiry: Domestic Abuse Bill

January 2019: Response to the Equalities and Human Rights Commission Draft Strategy Consultation

July 2018:  Submission to the Home Affairs Committee Inquiry into Domestic Abuse

May 2018: Transforming the response to domestic abuse (Home Office and Ministry of Justice) – Executive Summary and Full Response

March 2018New domestic abuse law must lead to a more inclusive approach with greater recognition and more services for male victims

February 2018New domestic abuse Sentencing Guidelines welcomed especially on gender stereotypes and court orders

January 2018: DLCG Consultation on housing costs for sheltered and extra care accommodation – Government must not introduce new rules on ‘no local connection’

November 2017Statement on “Screening or Assessing” Male Victims of Domestic Abuse who call Anonymous Helplines

September 2017: CPS Statement on recognising and supporting male victims of “VAWG” crimes (The ManKind Initiative worked with CPS on this)

August 2017: Letter to Sarah Newton MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State: Intimate Violence against Men and Boys: Crime Classification and Strategy

July 2017Domestic Violence and Abuse Act (10 Recommendations for Change)

July 2017 – Sentencing Council (draft intimidatory offences and domestic abuse guideline): ManKind Initiative response

June 2017New Domestic Violence and Abuse Commissioner has to believe in an inclusive approach (Telegraph online)

March 2017 –  Consultation Response to Mayor of London’s Draft Police and Crime Plan

July 2016Refuges and Safe Houses for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse: Policy Briefing

June 2016 – Police and Crime Commissioner Briefing: Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

May 2016Refuges for Male Victims of Domestic Abuse (Parliamentary Briefings)

July 2015 – Nice Quality Standards

October 2014 – Home Office: Strengthening the Law on Domestic Abuse

October 2014 – Further submission to Welsh Assembly on Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Bill)

September 2014 – Submission to Welsh Assembly on Gender-based Violence, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence (Wales) Bill

September 2013 – National Institute of Clinical Excellence Domestic Abuse Consultation (ManKind Response)

August 2013 – UK National Screening Committee Domestic Abuse Consultation

February 2013 – Welsh Government Consultation

July 2012London Grants Commission consultation.

March 2012Cross Government Definition of Domestic Abuse

February 2012 – Home Office Stalking Consultation

October 2011 Response to Bristol city council consultation

July 2011 – Response to Equalities and Human Rights Commission consultation

April 2011 – Strengthening families, promoting parental responsibility: the future of child maintenance.

January 2010Scotland Government Response

September 2009 Response to Welsh Assembly Government’s consultation on domestic abuse

February 2009 Response to Mayor of London’s Equality Framework

March 2008 – Response to Crown Prosecution Service’s review of its domestic violence policies

September 2007 Submission to Home Office Select Committee’s investigation into domestic violence

Campaigns, Letters and Complaints

May – July 2017BBC Complaint: All at Mrs Brown’s (complaint, BBC response, further complaint, BBC response, further complaint)

March 2017Baroness Williams (13 03 2017) on inaccurate statistics in House of Lords debate

February 2017 –  Bromley Council Letter (17 February 2017)  Domestic Violence and Violence against Women and Girls Service

January 2017Government responds on Violence Against Women and Girls funding to confirm applies to male victims

January 2017Letter to Police and Crime Commissioners (Violence Against Women and Girls Transformation Fund) Template letter part of the Men and Boys Coalition submission

January 2017Letter to Sir Oliver Heald QC MP: Family Courts Review and Domestic Abuse

January 2017 – Letter to Lord Chancellor, Secretary of State for Justice: Family Courts Review

August 2016Signatory to letter calling on the Big Lottery Fund to take on a gender inclusive approach

August 2016Ofsted letter on joint inspections of the response to children living with domestic abuse

August 2016: ManKind Initiative joins the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign

May 2016: Complaint to Advertising Standards Authority about BT Infinity Advertisement (Ryan Reynolds)

Response from the Advertising Standards Authority (BT Infinity – Ryan Reynolds)

March 2016Signatory to letter to Chief Medical Officer

December 2015 – Signatory to Equalities and Human Rights Consultation on Strategic Plan

November 2015 – Signatory to letter to Government Equalities Office (International Men’s Day 2015)

September 2015: Government Domestic Violence Summit

On 18 September 2015, the Government held a domestic violence summit but did not invite any organisations representing male victims or gave them a platform to speak.

July 2015Letter to Sir Andrew Dilnot (Chair of UK Statistical Authority)

August 2014 –  Letter to Mr Tim Passmore (Police and Crime Commissioners: Suffolk)

January 2014 – Complaint to BBC Newsnight

July 2013 – (3) Just Do It

October 2012 – NSPCC / DART Programme complaint and response

June 2012 – Letter to Home Group / Stonham

March 2012 – Government’s Male Victims Fund – Freedom of Information

November 2011 – Response to Clare’s law consultation

January 2011 – Letter to Dominic Raab MP, Male victims of domestic abuse

7 January 2011 – Welsh Equalities Commission’s domestic abuse campaign shows it is sitting on its hands when it comes to male victims

November 2010 Complaint to Ken Clarke QC MP on Equal Treatment Bench Book

July 2010 – Letter to Dr David Gadd (University of Keele), on the From Boys to Men study on domestic violence

June 2010 – Letter to Ken Clarke QC MP, Secretary of State for Justice, supporting anonymity for men accused of rape

December 2009 – Letter to and response from Equalities and Human Rights Commission on the application of the Gender Equality Duty by local councils.
February 2009 – Request to and refusal by Equalities and Human Rights Commission for a Map of Gaps for male victims of domestic abuse

February 2009 – Complaint to NSPCC about its Domestic Violence and Children campaign.

May 2008  Complaint to Coalition on Men and Boys about bias

May 2008 – Complaint to Association of Police Officers

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