Academic surveys

From time to time, the charity receives request from academics or the media who would like male victims to take part in surveys. These form an important part of helping to ensure that the needs of male victims are adequately addressed.

The ManKind Initiative, however, does not take any responsibility for the content of these surveys or the requests.


If you are a male survivor and your ex-partner was convicted, we receive calls from the media regularly asking to speak to male survivors – if this is something you could consider helping with , please contact Mark Brooks via

Dr Elizabeth Bates: University of Cumbria

I am a senior lecturer in applied psychology at the University of Cumbria, working with my colleague Dr Julie Taylor.  We are interested in understanding men’s experiences of aggression and control, and how these may continue after the end of the relationship.

We are looking for men who have been in a relationship with a female partner, where they have experienced physical and verbal aggression, emotional aggression, and/or who have felt they have been controlled and manipulated by their partner.

Specifically, we hope to understand their experiences after the relationship has ended in terms of ongoing violence and control post-separation.

Participants will be asked to complete an anonymous online survey made up of some brief demographic questions, and some open-ended questions about experiences during the relationship, as well as after the end of the relationship.  This could take around 30-45 minutes.

To find out more information and to take part, please click the following link:

Jessica Sharples: Birmingham City University

I am an undergraduate student at Birmingham City University, studying Psychology with Criminology.

I am conducting research on perceptions of domestic violence against men. The aim of the research is to develop more of an understanding of attitudes towards male victims and to increase awareness of domestic violence against men as it is an important current issue and is highly prevalent within the UK. I am looking for male participants between the ages of 18 and 60. Participation is completely voluntary and you can withdraw at any time.

If you would be willing to take part or to find out more information, please follow the link:

“Revealing Reality: Challenging Relationships in the Wirral

I work for Revealing Reality, a London-based research agency that works on a range of social issues (for more information on us go to We are currently working with Wirral Borough Council to explore the experiences and needs of BAME and/or LGBT+ people who have experienced or are experiencing challenging relationships in the Wirral, and what role service providers play in this.

We would like to hear as many different voices and opinions as possible and are happy to offer a cash incentive (£50) for your time. We would love to hear from you if:

    • You live on the Wirral
    • You have experienced or are experiencing a challenging relationship with a partner or family member
    • You identify as Black Minority Ethnic (BME)


    • You identify as LGBTQ+

If you are interested in taking part in our research, or have any further questions about the research or us as an organisation, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact at or on 020 7735 8040.”

National Broadcaster: Stalking Survivors

A reputable national broadcaster is looking to speak to male survivors of stalking from an ex-partner. If you can help, please find out more information via this Stalking Survivors Advert.

Aarti Kotecha: Coventry University (Men’s Experiences of Coercive Control)

I am working with my colleague at Coventry University, Kate Walker, to understand more about men’s experiences of controlling and coercive behaviours in abusive relationships with female partners. We hope that this research will help professionals to understand how best to support men who experience this type of abuse.

Your participation is completely voluntary and will involve completing a very short questionnaire about yourself and an interview about your experiences that should last about 1 hour.

To take part, you must:

  • Be 18yrs old or over
  • No longer be in the abusive relationship

If you are interested in talking about your experiences with us or have any questions about the study, please contact me on and I will send you further information.

Cassian Rawcliffe – University of East Anglia

Hard to Tell is a PhD study of how men who have experienced female perpetrated domestic abuse tell their story.

The study is currently looking for male survivors to take part in a confidential 1-2-1 interview. All conversations will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

If you think you could help, or would like to know more about this research, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Phone or message  07983 395 867 or direct message @hardtotell2 on Twitter.

Future Living Hertford – Wise Guys Project

Survey for male victims/survivors to support new service in Hertford – please see details here

Louisa McMahon – University of Sheffield

I am seeking participants for both an online survey and/or short informal interview. Participants must self identify as male, and have had intimate relationships with other men.  Anonymity and confidentiality are assured, and this research has received ethical approval from the School of Law Ethics Committee.

  1. To complete the survey, please click on the link:
  2. If you would like to take part in an interview, or wish to find out more information, please contact me on the details provided below. Supervisor details are also provided.


Male victim ins the Armed Forces including civilian staff

Study Title: Domestic violence and abuse among military spouses and partners:
impact of military life and culture, perceptions of support available and barriers to
seeking help.

Invitation to Take Part
We would like to invite you to take part in a telephone interview study. Before you
decide, we would like you to understand why the study is being done and what it would
involve for you. This information sheet tells you the purpose of this study and what will
happen if you take part, and gives you detailed information about the conduct of the
study. Please feel free to contact us using the details at the bottom of the sheet if there
is anything that is not clear.



Riva Coupland – University of East London

I am a postgraduate student in the School of Psychology at the University of East London conducting research into men’s experiences of domestic violence and abuse when the perpetrator is a woman. I hope to gather information from abused men about the processes they go through when considering seeking help and support, with the aim of giving abused men a voice in an area of research where they are underrepresented, as well as generate insight into how mental health practitioners can best serve their needs. I am looking to involve people who:

  • Identify as male
  • Are aged 18 years or older
  • Have experienced domestic violence (such as physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, financial, or controlling) from a female romantic partner
  • Can communicate in English

 Participants will take part in a private audio-recorded interview with me at a time and place that suits them. Participants are free to withdraw their involvement at any time and I will do my best to ensure that they feel safe and comfortable throughout the process. Every effort will be made to ensure that their identities remain anonymous. If you are interested in participating, or know of anybody who may be interested, please contact me at

Both Parents Matters – Families Need Fathers (Wales/Cymru)

This survey intends to close the knowledge gap around the experience of men as victims / survivors and improve the understanding of the experience of male victims / survivors of domestic violence and abuse by Government, statutory services  – for example – Police, Health  and the Third Sector .

The link to the survey can be found here.

Natalie Hobson, University of Birmingham

I am currently undertaking a postgraduate research project concerning male experiences of female perpetrated domestic violence.


I am looking for male survivors, over the age of 18, to take part in an informal interview, either face to face or via telephone. These interviews will enable me to gain a deeper understanding of the unique experiences male survivors have, and the struggles they face or have faced in the past. By talking to me about your own experiences, you can help me challenge negative societal attitudes and raise awareness of female perpetrated violence, which ultimately could help other male victims/survivors in the future. If you would be interested in taking part in the project and would like more information please email:

Rashad Rasib: University of Bradford (Forced Marriage & South Asian Male Victims)

This research study is looking at the experiences of South Asian men who have been or were at risk of forced marriage. My name is Rashad and I am a PhD researcher at the University of Bradford. I would like to talk with you if you are male, aged 18 and above, of South-Asian background and have been or were at risk of forced marriage and are not in any immediate danger. I would like to talk to you even if the marriage did not take place.

This study will involve an in-depth interview and can take place in person, over the phone or through Skype. The interview itself will usually last between one to two hours. However, you are free to stop the interview at any time. You can also refuse to answer any questions without giving a reason. A copy of the general questions will be provided before the interview. With your permission, the interview will be audio recorded.

For detailed information, please visit or contact me and I will try to answer any questions you may have: or call/text/WhatsApp on 07572920132.

Hannah Wiseman: clinical psychology doctoral student from Bath University:

I am a clinical psychology doctoral student from Bath. I am interested in understanding how young adults who have been in abusive relationships respond to and think about their experiences. I hope that by understanding this, we will be able to improve how health services support and help individuals who have been in these situations.

To take part in this study we are looking for individuals between 18 and 25 years of age, who have been in a relationship where they have been physically, sexually or emotionally hurt or who have felt that they were being controlled.

Participants will be asked to complete an online survey about how they responded and thought about these experiences. The survey can be completed online and should take 20-30 minutes. For each participant we will donate £2 to a chosen charity.

Please follow this link to find out more about this study: