Local Domestic Abuse Partnership Boards

In conducting an inclusive needs assessment in order to meet the statutory requirements of the “Delivery of Support to Victims of Domestic Abuse, including Children, in Domestic Abuse Safe Accommodation Services” guidance, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has been clear that this includes male victims of domestic abuse and their children. 

We know Boards are ensuring that male and LGBT+ victims are included in their assessments (as the MHCLG has made clear) on unmet Safe Accommodation needs and the support needed within that accommodation. This includes those with children. However, we also know that finding information about their needs can be hard to find as so many do not come forward and are therefore not in the “system”.

We have developed this short guide with a range of suggestions to help Local Domestic Abuse Partnership Boards to identify male victims of domestic abuse and to help ensure their voices are heard.

Making Invisible Men Visible (Supporting Local Domestic Abuse Partnership Boards)