For Professionals

You can make a difference to men suffering from domestic abuse

If you are a police force, local authority, GP consortia, housing association or third sector/voluntary organisation wishing to create a service or enhance how you already support male victims of domestic abuse, the ManKind Initiative charity is committed to providing the support you need. We have a qualified Independent Domestic Violence Adviser (IDVA) who offers a range of training and presentation opportunities. Domestic abuse survivor Ian Mcnicholl also gives presentations on our behalf.

Onsite training is available therefore reducing your time away from the workplace whilst maximising the benefits to your organisation.

Why you need training?

With one in six men likely to suffer domestic abuse in their lifetime and one in every three victims being male, organisations and practitioners working with domestic abuse victims are realising there is a growing need to ensure men and their children receive the support they need in their local community.

This also includes the need for statutory authorities to comply and meet the duties and requirements of the Equality Act 2010 especially the Public Sector Equality Duty with regard to supporting male victims and their children.

What the training involves

• presentations
• training including group sessions
• “Best Practice” development
• practical support in helping you to set up a service for male victims including refuges/ safe houses, outreach services, enhancing existing domestic abuse services and running a helpline
• the opportunity to meet a male survivor and hear his experiences both as a victim and as a survivor
• support in attaining and sustaining compliance with the Equality Act 2010 and the Public Sector Equality Duty
The Information the training provides includes:
• the experiences of male victims of domestic abuse, including the most recent up-to-date national and local statistics
• the differences between male and female victims
• how to respond to male victims and encourage them to come forward
• the barriers male victims face and how you can help men to overcome these barriers
• the range of services you can provide
• the different types of male victims and how you can support them.
• feedback and evaluation

To discuss your training and information needs with The ManKind Initiative, please contact us, by: Email: Telephone: 01823 334229

Organisations we have trained include:

• The Home Office
• Hertfordshire Police
• Manchester Police
• Leicestershire City Council
• Sevenoaks Council
• Bristol Women’s Aid;
• Men’s Direct Access (Manchester)
• ARCH (North Staffordshire)
• Manchester Action for the Blind
• Loughborough Women’s Aid
• Through Care Housing
• Next Steps Housing
• Caldmore Housing
• Kent Police College
• Lincolnshire Police
• Belmarsh Prison
• Somerset NHS
• Thames Valley University
• Tamworth Council
• HM Prison Pentonville
• Canterbury Police