Sponsoring the Helpline

Over half of male victims of domestic abuse had never spoken to anyone, until they picked up the phone and spoke to us.

To reach our annual helpline funding target of £50,000, the charity is looking for a number of organisations, partnerships and companies to sponsor the helpline.

Sponsoring the helpline would support any corporate social responsibility policies especially as this particular vulnerable group is often unseen and unrecognised. The impact of supporting the helpline would be considerable and of course sponsorship is tax deductible as it is classed a business cost.

In return, the sponsor will receive full recognition for its level of sponsorship.

The annual sponsorship options are:

  • Gold Sponsor: £3,500
  • Silver Sponsor: £2,000
  • Bronze Sponsor: £1,000

All sponsorship money is spent directly on running the helpline – staffing, telephone costs and equipment. No Sponsorship money is spent on charity bureaucracy or administration.

Features Gold Silver Bronze
Website Supporters Page (name and logo) x x x
National Conference leaflets (name) x x x
Training leaflets and presentations (name) x x x
Survivors’ leaflets (name) x x
Website home page (name) x
Press Release (name) x
COST £3,500 £2,000 £1,000

For more information:

Corporate Helpline Sponsorship Brochure

Sponsorship Form: Form and Form

For further details on sponsoring or getting involved with charity, please contact Mark Brooks, Chair, (on) email: chairman@mankind.org.uk or (by) tel: 01823 334244

  “I wish I’d called you earlier, so reassuring … what a blessing.” (Male victim South Yorkshire, 2015)

Our thanks to Pengwern Land and Pengwern Estates for sponsoring our helpline: